XFINITY® Home Referral Rewards Program Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (“terms”) apply to the XFINITY®Home Referral Rewards program from Comcast (“Referral Rewards Program” or “Program”). By referring a customer, activating service or otherwise participating under the Program, the referring and referred customer as the case may be, agree to these terms.




Under the Program, eligible referring and referred customers satisfying all Program eligibility criteria shall each receive a reward (“Reward”). The type and amount of the Reward shall be determined by Comcast and is  subject to change in Comcast’s sole discretion. Effective October 8, 2013, the Reward under the Program is a $100 Visa® prepaid card (“Card”) for each the referring and referred customer for referrals made on or after October 8, 2013, subject to the Reward limit as explained in Section 6 below. Rewards for referrals made prior to October 8, 2013, will be a $50 Card for each the referring and referred customer.


2.Eligibility; Services:


Cards only are available to  XFINITY® Home customers located in serviceable areas with accounts in good standing, for a referral and activation of an eligible XFINITY Home Security residential service (“Service”), which initially shall be limited to the following services: XFINITY Home – Secure 300, XFINITY Home – Secure 350, XFINITY Home – Control 100 and XFINITY Home – Control 150. Services are subject to change by Comcast. By participating in the Program the referring and referred customer agree that Comcast may provide their information (such as first and last name and installation date) with the referring or referred customer and others, including third party providers for the administration of the Program.


3.Invitation Code:


Only existing customers who have subscribed to Service are eligible to refer another customer under  the Program. Comcast will issue a unique invitation code (“Code”) to the referring customer for the purpose of tracking Service referrals and activations. The Code is valid  only for one (1) calendar year from the date of issuance. Only Service orders placed under the referring customer’s Code are eligible for a Reward.


4. Reward  Requirements:


In order for the referring and referred customer to receive a Reward, the referring customer must refer another customer for the Service and the referred customer must:


i) Not have been an XFINITY® Home Service  customer within 120 days of the date of referral;


ii) Activate Service under Comcast’s standard customer agreement; and


iii) Register the referring customer’s Code  through the Program web site: (as may be revised by Comcast, “Site”) within 90 days after ordering Service.


In addition to the above specified requirements, in order for (i) the referring customer to receive a Reward, the referring customer must have paid at least one month’s recurring charge for the Service; and (ii) the referred customer to receive a Reward, the referred customer must  continue to receive Service for at least 90 consecutive days following installation of Service.

5.Card Fulfillment:

Cards for the referring customer will not be issued until one month’s recurring charge for the Service has been paid by the referring customer.   Cards for the referred customer will not be issued until after the referred customer installs and continues Service for the required 90-day period.   Comcast’s tracking of Codes, orders and activation status shall determine if and when a Card is to be issued. It may take 4-6 weeks after Service and eligibility validation is complete to receive the Card. Customers are required to pay all invoices in full.





Any  Cards which have not been used within 90 days of issuance will automatically expire. Upon expiration of the  Card, any unused funds will automatically expire. Cards  may not be transferred, assigned or redeemed for cash.


7.  General Provisions:


If  multiple referrals for the same person are received only one Reward, subject to these terms,  will be provided for the referral first received by Comcast, as determined by Comcast.

Rewards may not be combined with other referral rewards or similar offers or programs.


The Program is void in the State of  Tennessee and residents of Tennessee are not eligible to participate. Void in all other areas where prohibited.


Employees of Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC, and its respective parents, affiliates and subsidiaries and the immediate family members of all such employees and all others with whom they are domiciled are not eligible to participate in the Program or receive any Rewards, discounts or other promotional offers under the Program for referring a customer, being referred as a customer, or otherwise.

Program participation is limited to Comcast residential XFINITY®Home  customers with accounts in good standing. Property owners, sales agents, managers, leasing/rental agents, and landlords, or their respective agents, employees or contractors, of apartments, townhouses, condominiums or other types of multiple dwelling units are not eligible to participate in the Program or receive any Rewards, discounts or other promotional offers under the Program or for referring a customer who rents, purchases or otherwise obtains a unit owned, managed, leased and/or maintained by such person.


Comcast reserves the right to change Rewards and eligibility criteria under the Program, and to alter, modify, suspend or terminate the Program at any time upon notice, which notice may be provided through the Site, mail, e-mail or such other methods as determined by Comcast in its sole discretion.